Holliman Holdings Group is based in Central Milton Keynes and comprises a diverse portfolio of wholly-owned companies, joint-ventures and investments across a range of industries and with a firm base within the education sector. The Group’s roots lie in the consulting work conducted by David Holliman since 2008, a success that led to an eventual diversification of general investments and ultimately, global education services. Today, HHG is 100 percent family owned with David Holliman serving as Chairman. The group is young and ambitious to develop, evolve and maintain international standards of governance, operating procedures, financial operations and transparency. From this foundation, the Group has partnered with numerous corporations on ventures across the globe.

Group Values



We will be responsible and committed to pledge our service to the group for as long as the group serves me.

Purity +-

We will believe in our colleague's discipline and education, and that they act in my best interests. So give respect and honor to them, and it will be returned to you.

Agility +-

We will be responsive, bold and agile to internal changes, external opportunities and threats, using approprite insights to develope innovative solutions.

Courage +-

We will be courageous by taking on challenges, always follow through with our ideas and speak our minds with sincerity and respect to benefit the groups stakeholders.

Confidence +-

We will be knowledgeable in our fields and confident in our ablities as individuals, teams, and as a group.

Loyalty +-

We will operate together in harmoney, so we can reflect consistency and zeal with out partners, suppliers and customers, therefore always ans unconfitionally acting in the best interests of the group.

Harmony +-

We will build caring and collaborative relationships based on trust, mutual respect and honor; knowing that our leader's decisions are in the groups best interests.


We will be passionate about achiveing the highest standards of quality, always promiting merit, ability and perseverance.

Integrity +-

We will be fair, honest, transparent and as good as our word; everything we promise must be delivered.

Direct Investments

Holliman Holdings Private Equity oversees a number of wholly-owned subsidiaries rise as well as joint-ventures operating in diverse markets within the Education industry. HHG primary aim is to add sustainable long term value to the companies in its portfolio and to develop a core group of companies that serve as the portfolio foundation. All the Groups transactions take place only after a process of due diligence that measures risk, identify catalysts for increasing value and the ethos which exist throughout the company and its key people. The Group Directors ensure through ongoing analysis that each and every company meets common international standards in governance, transparency, best practice and communicating the group values. Holliman Holdings Group manages the companies in its portfolio by forming effective boards of directors and installing capable management team to steer the company towards the achievement of its goals.

Milton Keynes New City College

Lincoln University College

MKNCC Global

Founded in 2017 to bring a new and innovative way of professional and academic development. Milton Keynes New City College is based in Milton Keynes and partnered with various UK universities and UK qualification awarding bodies to bring the most valuable practices and offerings for global learners needs.

Social Emotional Developments Limited



Social Emotional Developments Limited (known as SEDi) was established as the international entity through which to mobilise, commercialise and manage the community capability building initiative called SESA. SESA (and the SEDi learning, development and research infrastructure) was developed and piloted by Jay Baughan within Africa, the Middle East and Europe between 2012 and 2017. The international focus is upon building a specific capability within key community groups, through 4 SESA programmes. In just over 4-years, SESA has evolved into a potent solution to address the growing issues relating to Emotional Safety & Resilience within communities in 19 countries of Africa, 7 countries within the Middle East and already reaches into 4 countries in Europe. Each programme is evidence-based, through a final quality assured certification/qualification process and the individual/group psychometric assessment and benchmarking of evolving social emotional skills.


Pyramid Stone

Travel Portals

The Institute of Training and Occupational Learning (ITOL) is the UK’s elite professional body for trainers and L&D Professionals. In the year 2000 the UK government granted ‘Institute’ status and since that time we have become recognised as the premier organisation for everyone involved in the world of learning and education

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